Parent Guides

Our parenting guides contain helpful information about Meredith Drive Reformed Church's Kids Ministry. Each guide is campus specific and contains information on everything from our Mission and Vision to room assignments.

Parent Frequently Asked Questions

Parents, you are your child's strongest influence of faith. We celebrate partnering with you as we spur one another on to live out Jesus' words:  "Welcome children in my name" and "Be about making disciples." As we partner together, we appreciate communication and questions to  help us work together. Here are a few key questions we've answered. If you have more, please feel free to contact one of our Kids Ministry assistants or Pastor Bep.

What should I do when…..   It’s Fall and a new season is starting?

  • Register your child each Fall so that our information is current. 
  • Volunteer to serve in Kids Ministry because:
  1. It blesses kids to see their parents participating with them.
  2. Parents who are involved are modeling a value of serving.
  3. It helps you connect with others.
  4. We need volunteers. With close to 400 kids, it actually takes 250-300 people a year to each do one part. We have training, kids staff to support you, and all curriculum is provided!

What should I do when….. I bring my child or a friend to an activity at church?

Please stop at our Kids Ministry Check-In desk or welcome center to check in for the first time. Once your information has been saved into our system you will be able to check in your child at one of our self-manned kiosk stations every time you visit. Safety is of utmost importance! We kindly ask parents to check their child for all classes and to utlize the individualized child name badges and parent safety name badges that are provided upon checking in with each visit. 

What should I do when….. There is a safety concern like a fire alarm or weather alert  while at church?

  • Fire alarm:  We have an exit procedure for all our kids classes and seek to move kids quickly and calmly out of the building. If worship is going on but kids are in other places, we ask you to move outdoors as directed and then go to the outside exit door nearest your child’s area to wait for them to come out. This will help ease congestion in the hallways. 
  • Weather alert: We seek safety with kids in below-ground level areas if available, or in enclosed areas without windows.

Please feel free to direct any other questions or concerns to the appropriate Kids Staff Leader.