Nomination Committee

Earlier this year we, as a congregation, approved new By-laws and as a result, the process of how our nomination committee is selected changed. We are excited to announce the consistory has selected six elders for the nomination committee. This group of dedicated individuals will have key input into our Ad Board, Elders and Deacons for 2020. Please help us in welcoming Scott Dykstra – Ad Board VP, Deb Conlon – Ad Board Clerk, Rhonda Benson, Dixie Murphy, Erik Phillips, Rich Piatt, Eileen Ingebrand, and Ken Francis.  Please keep them in your prayers.



Nomination Committee is accepting names for Ad Board, Elders and Deacons

The MDRC Nomination Committee is accepting potential names for consideration for the 2020 Administrative Board, Ministering Deacons, and Pastoral Care Elders. This is an important opportunity for you to participate in the discernment and selection of spiritual leaders for our body and we need your help!  We are looking for women and men who have exhibited spiritual maturity, a commitment to our church, wisdom and ability to think big-picture. Deadline to enter names for nomination is Sun., July 21. We encourage you to click on the Nomination banner above to use our digital form. This method securely stores your suggestion and alleviates growing administrative duties.

Adminstrative Board

Deb Conlon

Loren De Kruyf

Scott Dykstra

Marcus Iwig

Shane Langos

Dwight Long

Greg Mc Farlan

Suzanne Vogel

Linda Wilson

Meredith Drive Elders

Connie Adams

David Behrens

Ronda Benson

Rhonda De Groot

Ron De Groot

Carolyn De Hoogh

David De Hoogh

Tammy Gregory

Greg Mc Farlan

Jenny Meade

Tony Meade

Dixie Murphy

Erik Phillips

Sara Phillips

Chad Quist

Felicia D. Reeves-Seo

Jerry Schrock

Lana Schrock

Brett Van Roekel

Doug Van Zanten

Jesse Veenstra

Judi Vogel

Larry Zeiger

Linda Zeiger


Meredith Drive Deacons

Judi Cooper

Sheryl Empey

Jason Lems

Freda Nyandemoh

Denny Puckett

Arlys Sikkink

Kendall Stroeh

The Bridge Elders

Tricia Berry

Brad Bosch

Kelli Bosch

Kristen Boyles

Jolene Brown

Kathy Francis

Ken Francis

Meredith Hegwein

Will Hegwein

Linda Hermon

Eileen Ingebrand

Jolie Lee

Ross Mc Carty

Kirk Mc Gowan

Dan Miller

Jill Miller

Nancy Piatt

Al Tokheim

Dave Vander Werff

Lisa Vander Werff

Missy Winterboer


The Bridge Deacons

Brad Boyles

Larry Madole

Marge Madole

Jennifer Morrill

Jesse Morrill

Kathy Morrow

Paul Russ