Marriage Ministry

Our Marriage Ministry Team seeks to help couples live out Hebrews 13:4 "Honor your marriage . . . "

 •   To honor God and one another in the gift of love given and in covenant
 •   To reflect the love of Christ to one another in our marriages
 •   To have our marriage and family relationships bless God's Kingdom


 We focus on this purpose using FAITH.  Our events, gatherings and studies encourage:

•   Family (couple's) spiritual life together in prayer and scripture
•   Associations among couples for strengthening community
•   Intergenerationally connecting couples to help growth in marriage
   Talking about God together
•   Helping others together






Honor your Marriage

Marriage Resources
     •   Attention Fans the Flame of Romance
     •   Communication in Marriage
     •   Five Stages of Every Marriage
     •   Dating and Mating
     •   What Makes You Feel Loved
     •   Growing Toward Spiritual Intimacy 

Books and Studies
    •   Love Talk
    •   Five Love Languages
    •   Making Marriage Last a Lifetime
    •   Sacred Marriage