50/50 Flood Relief Initiative

Many people have been asking us, “How can we help?  Where do we give?”

Of course, we have and will have financial needs.  We didn’t plan for 10,000 square feet of carpet to be ruined in a day.  We didn’t anticipate a boiler that would be underwater for hours.  Nobody could foresee needing to rearrange a building and ministry for what will likely be months.  There will be costs and we can’t even anticipate them all yet.

Our hearts have been broken for our neighbors, many of whom are in much worse situations. 
    We measured water in inches. Others measured water in feet.
    We lost carpet.  Others lost cars.
    We lost air conditioning.  Others lost homes.
    We have had a setback.  Others have been devastated.
    We have resources, technology & community. Others have none of those things.
    We have hope.  Others aren’t sure if help will come.

As Jesus said, our job is to love our neighbors as ourselves.

So yes, you can help us and help our community. For every dollar you donate to our Flood Emergency Fund, half will go to assist others whose losses in our community were greater than our own.  Our deacons will be overseeing distribution of those funds. 

Simply click on this link OR use our app on your phone.  It’s that simple. 

Thank you for your hope and faith during this trying week.  If you yourself need assistance, please don't hesitate to call the church office and let us know.  

Pastor Suzanne

Last Published: July 13, 2018 3:13 PM