Parents and Preschoolers
We encourage parents to be active in their child's preschool growth and development in the following ways:


Parents of 3's and 4's are welcome and encouraged to help on their child's snack day. 


Parent-Teacher conferences are held in both fall and spring semesters


  • Annual Parenting Workshop - Speakers on a variety of parenting topics.
  • Preschool Summer Camp - Morning session for one week in June, offered to children who have just completed 3 and 4 year old preschool.
  • Lunch Bunch - Monthly opportunity for 4's - pre-K children to extend their day with a sack lunch and fun activities.
  • Participate in Activities at MDRC - Kids Ministry at MDRC has activities throughout the year, and we invite you to participate at any time: Vacation Bible School, Christmas and Easter events, and other family-oriented activities. 


"I appreciate all the effort that the teachers and school leaders put into setting up an environment that is so conducive to learning. The program is both play based and student centered; it is delivered with clear intention. I am certain that one could ask why a particular activity or object was in the classroom, and the instructors would provide the reasoning based on research based practices. The teachers have an amazing ability to understand and value each child's unique talents and interests. Furthermore, the preschool strives to ensure a family friendly atmosphere in which relationships with other parents are nurtured. I am so thankful for my preschool family friends! Most importantly, the teachers have modeled God's wonderful gift of love in their instruction and their actions. I have had the opportunity to visit hundreds of classrooms in my experiences, and this preschool classroom is my very favorite. Thank you!!" - Anonymous
“The teachers at Meredith Drive Preschool are wonderful! They have the best balance between educational learning, creativity and social development!” ~ Juliet O’Donnell

“This program blends an exceptional curriculum with professional educator skills. More caring people could not be found. They show an interest in every child. There is a nice blend between cognitive and social/emotional learning. I like that the lessons are interesting, engaging and structured as play: learning should be fun and it is. School is a joy for my son and he is growing so much through this program.   He is seeing the innate joy in learning and connecting with people other than his family!” ~ Cheryl Armitage

“I enjoy the small, family-feel of Meredith Drive Preschool. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming. The curriculum which also includes a faith element creates a strong foundation for young children. ~ Katie Gehringer

“What sets this preschool apart is their caring and experienced teachers and director who not only nurture children but also know how to provide hands-on, developmentally appropriate preschool activities that are full of learning and wonder and play! I have high expectations and decided long ago that if I couldn’t enroll my children in the ‘best’ preschool, I would keep them home with me. I’m so thankful for this program.” ~ Dawn Schumacher

“We have been blessed to have two children go to Meredith Drive Preschool – at both campuses. The staff takes a proactive approach to engage each learner and create a positive learning environment. School-parent communication is a strength here.” ~ Sara Anderson

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Last Published: July 1, 2016 1:11 PM