God has purposely shaped you to be exactly who He wants you to be through your experiences, your abilities, your spiritual gifts, your personality and your passions. 

By exploring each of these areas of your life you will hopefully see how your distinct qualities are not an accident, but exactly what God created you to be for the work he prepared in advance for you to do. 

Below you will find several tools to help you discover more about who God made you to be. They will help you answer questions like….. How have I been shaped by life experiences? What should I do?  Where should I serve?  How can I best serve? 

After you have worked your way through each of the assessments, it is highly recommended that you attend the next SHAPE workshop to get a better understanding of each element of SHAPE and spend some time in conversation with people who desire to help you with next steps.

Start Here...
  • Print the assessments that are found under each of the "SHAPE" letters below.  Record your results on the Personal Summary and spend some time reflecting on those results on The Next Step.
  • When you're finished, find someone you are comfortable with who you can about with about your SHAPE discovery.
  • Once you have completed and reviewed the materials, we would love the opportunity to follow up with you if you are willing to provide us with your name, email and/or phone number.  You can also provide us with valuable information to help make this experience better for others. Send your results to our Adult Discipleship Coordinator, Lori Belknap, and she will be in touch with you soon. 

S Shape

Spiritual Gifts

Unwrapping Your God-given Treasures

Spiritual Gift Assessment Test
Spiritual Gift Assessment
Spiritual Gift Score Sheet
Spiritual Gift Assessment Key and Descriptions

H Shape

Discovering Your True Passions
Where should I serve? 
What do you care about most? Where would you like to see your life make a difference? Passion for people? Groups? Ministry? Addressing problems? 



Discovering What You Are Naturally Good At

What should I do?  
What are you able to do? What are your skills and natural abilities? Drawing? Music? Sports? Computers? Carpentry? Cooking?...

Natural Abilities Assessment

A Shape

Personal Style

Discovering Who God Made You To Be

How can I best serve?
Task-oriented? People-oriented? Structured? Flexible?

Personal Style Assessment

E Shape


Discovering Where You Have Been

How have I been shaped by life experiences?
Experiences in education, family, ministry, community, painful, spiritual. 

Experience Assessment