Business Manager


I am a native of the Des Moines area.  I graduated from Drake University with a degree in Music Education and then taught vocal music at Johnston High School for 5 years.  It was during this time that I felt a strong calling to enter ministry, so I transitioned out of teaching and was hired as the Director of Fine Arts for Altoona United Methodist church where I served for 6 years.  

I was called to Meredith Drive Reformed Church as the Worship Ministry Director.  I led all of the various arts programs for the campuses of Meredith Drive Reformed Church for a period of 5 years.  During this time, I wrote and produced 4 original theatrical performances that drew the surrounding communities into times of worship alongside our congregation.  After those 5 years of coordinating the arts and outreach events of the church, I was asked to serve as the Executive Director of Meredith Drive Reformed Church. I now directs the business of the church.

Brenton is married to his wife, Jessica and gives thanks to God for their daughter, Lindy and son, Bennett

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515-276-4901 ext. 206

Last Published: February 14, 2019 11:25 AM