Do you enjoy meeting new people? Do you have a heart for the sick or elderly? Do you have musical, artistic or technical talents? Do you enjoy mentoring youth or teaching a group of young people? We have places where your gifts and talents can be used to serve! Read More
MDRC is actively involved in the mission field of the world through teams who respond in areas that have been hit by natural disasters, and others who travel to Haiti, Africa, and Honduras. If you have an interest in this field, contact Sara Anderson. Read More
Meredith Drive Reformed Church is actively involved in many local missions. Our ministry deacons oversee the work of a variety of local missions. We encourage all to get involved through hands-on work, donations, or financial support, making a difference in the lives of people in our community. Read More
Meredith Drive Reformed Church supports missionaries in all regions of the world. Read more about the work they do to further His kingdom, many times leaving family and the comforts of home behind. Read More
Meredith Drive Reformed Church has set up sources of financial assistance for those MDRC members who want to participate in an MDRC sponsored mission trip, but who are unable to meet the financial commitment on their own. It is generally assumed that if financial support was not available through these funds, the applicant would not be able to participate in the mission trip. Find out here how you can be financially supportive, and also how to apply for scholarships. Read More