Serving at MDRC
  • HOSPITALITY TEAM - Do you enjoy meeting people; people you know, as well as those yobe the church cropped2u don't? On Sunday mornings we need ushers, greeters, and Welcome Center hosts. Maybe you'd like to assist families who are checking in their children for Kids Ministry? Or help the Coffee Bar Team with much appreciated coffee for the morning. If you enjoy talking on the phone, maybe you'd like to be one of those on the Visitor Follow-up Team who welcomes visitors from the previous Sunday and answers questions they may have. If these things interest you, contact the church office and we will help you get started.


  • PROPERTY TEAM - Are you handy around the house? Maybe you'd be handy around the church then too? Our Propery Team takes care of indoor and outdoor projects, i.e., painting, trimming bushes, repair work, etc. Do you like to dust and wash windows? Or or maybe you like to work outdoors and would enjoy keeping our landscaping free of weeks and well trimmed. Contact Brandon McPherson to be of assistance. 


  • WORSHIP ARTS TEAM - Are you artistically, creatively, musically, and/or technically inclined? If so, here is a place for you to express your talents in fun, fulfilling, and faith-building ways. We invite you to grow yourself or grow your team by plugging into the following areas:
  • Audio/Video
  • Band/Orchestra
  • Choir/Praise Team
  • Drama
  • Readers/Spoken Word
  • Visual Arts
  • Web Content Creation
    Contact Brain Hutzell to audition or for more information.


  • CARE MINISTRY -  There are many ways we care for those who are in need. Some are more involved than others, but all are very much appreciated. Here's a list of just a few:
  • Be on the e-mail prayer chain, receiving weekly updates and praying consistently for those listed. 
  • Be a care shepherd for someone with a special need. Call or stop in to check on this person and do what you can for them, keeping in touch with church staff to access if something more needs to be done. 
  • Be part of the Meal Team - provide all or part of a meal for someone alone and temporarily unable, for a family with a new baby, or a family with a circumstance that has made meal preparation difficult.
  • Serve on the Handy Man Team - your skills are always appreciated!
  • Serve on Grief and Loss Team. Being a strong shoulder or just a friend to call on when needed is much appreciated. 
  • Serve on the Hospital Visitation Team once a quarter. Make visits to those hospitalized as needed. 
  • Serve on the Sunday morning After-service Prayer Team


  • STUDENT MINISTRY - Are you able to relate to middle school and high school aged youth, and want to help them grow more in their faith and relationship with Jesus? We are always looking for adults who would be good role models for our youth, those who will lead classes and small groups, and those who will lead by example. If you'd like more information, contact Pastor Gary Hanson
Last Published: October 15, 2019 4:25 PM